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Hereford Boss is the proud outcome of cattle producers, processors and end users working hand in hand to deliver a fresh and exciting beef brand that is specifically crafted to meet modern consumer demands.

Uniquely grass fed for life and all natural in the truest sense, Hereford Boss delivers a deliciously tender and full-flavoured beef product with each mouthful.

Hereford Beef has long been recognised for its superb eating qualities. Our grading data continually proves that the beef that is packed into the Hereford Boss brand is consistently in the top 10% of all MSA graded beef in Australia, proving it is guaranteed to be some of the most tender, juicy and full flavour beef produced in Australia.


Hereford Boss is proudly endorsed and supported by Herefords Australia – the organisation representing the interests of stud and commercial Hereford breeders in Australia.

Herefords Australia aim to help produce high quality beef from Hereford cattle and have developed a detailed strategic plan that gives consumers confidence in the eating quality of breed through a commitment of making Meat Standards Australia (MSA) grading a critical focus.


Underpinned by JBS Farm Assurance, Hereford Boss is 100% grass fed and free of added hormones, antibiotics and GMOs. Additionally, Hereford Boss is currently the only processor-owned grass fed beef brand backed by Herefords Australia.

Rivalling, if not surpassing other British cattle breeds, Hereford Boss is proudly sourced from southern Australia. Year-round rainfall and a cool climate create the perfect environment for raising Hereford cattle on a 100% grass diet. Rolling hills, lush pastures and fresh air combine to deliver a growing season that sets Hereford Boss apart from the competition.

Herefords are well-regarded for their good temperament, leading them to reach mature weights at a younger age, have heavier carcasses and efficiently convert grass to energy to promote muscle growth. Choosing Hereford Boss gives you and your customers something very distinctive in the marketplace, and something to be proud of.

John Wyld

Nareen, Victoria

John Wyld operates across two properties with varying seasonal features, meaning he can breed and fatten cattle in ideal conditions.

Running 1500 to 1800 cows on 7500 acres near Nareen in Western Victoria, John previously sold weaner cattle to market in one lot. In the late 1990’s he commenced a new model, fattening his weaner cattle himself by trucking them to another property in South Gippsland, with higher rainfall and a longer growing season.

“We find it more satisfying to finish our own cattle, seeing them through from the paddock to the consumer. We have shortened the pipeline and focus on achieving a high MSA index at 24 months of age. They need to move on with the next drop coming through,” says John.

With a focus on MSA traits, John’s operation uses software to follow calves from birth to the chiller. “JBS share results and feedback, allowing us to see what we are producing and why. We learn where our cattle are ending up, be it overseas or on the Australian market, making us feel like we are part of a successful branded product.”

Michael Crowley

Chief Executive Officer,
Herefords Australia

“There is no better breed to finish
on grass than Hereford. Herefords deliver a sustainable and efficient production system that produces superior quality beef.”

Harry & Sue Ryder

Upper Kiewa Valley, Victoria

Harry and Sue Ryder along with sons Adam and Phillip run more than 450 Hereford breeders and progeny across two properties in the upper Kiewa Valley in north-east Victoria.

The home property “Mountain Creek” at Tawonga receives on average 1100mm of rain, whilst the second property at Gundowring 30km’s north of Tawonga has an average rainfall of 900mm.

The steer progeny are grown out to 550kg to 650kg on the Gundowring property managed by Adam.

Phillip and Harry manage the breeders and the heifer progeny at Mountain Creek.

Since the mid 1980’s Harry and Sue have been strong supporters of Breedplan, buying bulls only from studs with a long history of data recording.